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YouVersion – Onboarding & User Journey

UI & Visual Design, UX Research, Strategy

YouVersion has 3.5M – 4M new users try the app every month. We want to maximize the number of those users that open the app a second time in their first week. For this project, our input metric is key day 1 events (play Bible audio, create highlight, plan starts, story starts, search result taps, guided prayer views). 36% of new users complete one or more of those events in their first day. We will add an opt-in welcome moment on the Home screen to increase the number of users completing a key event in their first day. The welcome moment prompt users to complete a small number of actions that drive key day 1 events.

As our team entered the orient phase for onboarding, I researched and created this internal onboarding presentation for kick-off.

YouVersion Onboarding Presentation Thumbnail
Onboarding Presentation

When I began with YouVersion in 2020, we had no formal usability testing or qualitative feedback process in place. I put together this presentation and helped create a system where each product team can incorporate user feedback into all phases of the product cycle.

YouVersion User Testing Presentation
User Testing Presentation

For each YouVersion feature I work on, I craft a human-centered design statement to serve as a compass as we discover, build, and iterate. This keeps the team focused on the users’ job-to-be-done while avoiding pursuing fringe cases.

If the project requires new UI copy or content copy, I create a detailed overview of the flow  (as soon as we’re far enough along in testing to know what will go into the production release) for the copywriters [example]. The more involved they are in the early stage, the better messaging they’ll be able to craft.

I work closely with engineers and data scientists from the Discover phase, through the Define and Build phase, then into the Learn phase. Then we repeat. Detailed handoff files provide spec and links to optimized assets, such as Lottie files. For more advanced explanation, such as transition speeds, I’ll create OS specific prototypes, typically in ProtoPie.

The first release was successful in increasing retention for first-time users within the first 7 days—meaning we were able to connect our customers to value faster. Engagement with the feature, however, was less than we’d expected. Through usability testing and A/B testing, we refined the entrance to also increase engagement.